Dr. Yannick Pauli is a chiropractor who has advanced education and training in functional neurology, nutrition, functional medicine and chiropractic pediatrics

He is the Director of the Centre Wellness NeuroFit in Lausanne, Switzerland.

It is in this clinic that he runs Brain Potential, a holistic brain-based balancing program that integrates various therapies to help children suffering from ADHD, dyslexia and other learning disorders, as well as other developmental disorders such as autism.

Dr. Pauli has served as an expert on chiropractic, as well as alternative and complementary medicine at the World Health Organization.

He has also been the recipient of the “Chiropractor of the Year” 2004 by the World Chiropractic Alliance.

Dr. Pauli has published research on the effects of chiropractic on children suffering from dyslexia, as well as the effect of Network Spinal Analysis (a low-force approach to chiropractic) on the ability of adults with ADHD to concentrate.

He is also the founder and current president of the Swiss Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

In 2009, Dr. Pauli launched www.unritalinsolution.com, the go-to source for information about the natural management of ADHD.

Dr. Pauli is the creator of the “Unritalin Solution“, a home-based, step-by-step program that helps families overcome ADHD naturally.

He has written hundreds of articles on ADHD and his videos about ADHD have been seen by thousands of people.

Dr. Pauli is married with Cecilia and has two children: Noah and Megan.

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