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So, you have all these children diagnosed with attention deficit, dyslexia or dyspraxia. What if they were misdiagnosed and had a brain out of sync problem that we, chiropractors, could easily address? Check out those fascinating video by chiropractic neurologist Dr. Robin Pauc out of the UK Want to know how to be of help?…

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STAYING AT THE TOP OF YOUR GAME This Month’s Menu: ADHD Scientific updates on the early use of medications and potential long-term consequences, aberrant stress response in ADHD and autism, and neuroinflammation Popular press clippings on sleep loss and ADHD, more on the power of special diet and ADHD and creativity Clinical advances: Interview of…

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Apr 11

ADHD and food dyes

At last, after 4 decades from the first research of Dr. Benjamin Feingold into the relationship between food dyes and hyperactivity, the FDA is finally potentially recognizing there is a link. Check out this video: Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


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